Luxury Features For Bathrooms

Luxury bathrooms really stand out, and it’s no small matter. These rooms may include multiple rooms, saunas, private water closets, tub rooms, and more. When it comes to the bathroom, there really is no cap on luxury. You can bring in luxury through small details such as crystal adornments or go big. It is all up to you!

Tub Room

A freestanding tub isn’t really enough. A tub room, however, is a great extension of the bathroom that allows you a more spa-like experience. Imagine a bay window with sheer linen and tall pillars between the windows as the backdrop to a beautiful tub for two.

When ordering your tub for your tub room, you can use custom ordering to ensure that you get just the right size, color, and material. Do you want a soaking tub? A tub with jets? A copper tub? We are far beyond the days where choices were limited.


Sitting in a tub, or even better, a sauna room while watching a fire crackle sounds like heaven. It’s possible to use it as a creative implement also with a cast stone or wall-mounted fireplace. These are best near drop-in tubs or free-standing tubs where you can completely isolate yourself in relaxation. That’s the kind of isolation we all need every now and then.

Heated Flooring

We don’t need to say more, but we will. Heated flooring is the go-to luxury installment for flooring. Heated floors can still be nearly any flooring material you could desire, but instead of stepping onto cold tile or marble, it’s the perfect temperature.

These electric radiant heat systems are meant to go under nearly any type of stone or tile floor. You can order mats for specific areas or heat the entire floor. That

Lounging Space

Even those who indulge in luxury items enjoy sitting around in a towel, slowly drying off and relaxing. A lounge space is a great way to enjoy a little more time in the room after a great soak. Consider adding in a lounge chair or small couch, TV, and sound system. Watch your favorite show while you take in the relaxing after-effects of a nice bath or refreshing shower.

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Current Bathroom Style Options

Everyone is ready to get moving on the next trend. Some of these trends are extremely new, while others are reappearing after decades of being dormant. We foresee both varieties sticking around for quite a while because, in true 2021 fashion, it’s not just about looks but comfort and utility too. After a year of being stuck at home, we’ve all learned what we really want from our bathrooms.

Quartz in the Bathroom

Countertops and other installments, quartz is making quite the splash. True quartz is extremely scratch and stain-resistant, and it’s super easy to clean. That means that your bathroom will be easier to maintain and with less worry about keeping your counters in good condition. It also comes in a variety of colors with a slight opalescent quality to it.

Float Away with a Vanity

A vanity is nice, but one that sits off the ground, with a lot of storage, and looks amazing, that’s a home run. Floating vanities often have storage compartments in contrast to the recent trend of floating sinks. You can also set the vanity to cover any plumbing, so there are no exposed pipes.

Stone Tiled Walls

We have seen this trend before, but it’s been a long time. Stone tile walls offer the same non-porous element of ceramic tile, but it brings in more of a natural feel. Inside showers, around bathtubs, or running up to your mirror, a stone tiled wall will stand apart from most bathrooms you’ve seen over the last few decades.

Stone tiles, specifically large tiles, are a big step away from mosaic tiles and subway tiles. Instead, the bigger tiles offer more of a luxury feel with a minimalist undertone.  

Soaking Tubs

Everyone in 2020 needed a soaking tub, so it’s no surprise that in the rise of self-care and an increased focus on well-being, we’re revisiting the need for a good soak. Are you looking for ways to create a spa feeling at home? The soaking tub is the way to go.

It is possible to still have a showerhead, so you don’t have to give up the complete shower-tub combo.

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Steps For Remodeling A Kitchen From Scratch

Starting a complete kitchen remodel is a startling process. At first, it seems easy making plans or dreaming of your ideal kitchen. But where do you even start? Well, we are here with guidance on where to start and how to move forward from one step to another until you have a complete and stunning new kitchen.

Demolition and Tear Out

This step is perhaps the most fun part. The planning is nice, but if you’re doing the demolition and tear out yourself, you’ll experience the thrill of dismantling cabinets. Many people who are using a contractor will have professionals managing the demo, which often means a cleaner process.

If you begin the demo yourself, be sure to disconnect the water and power. There are all sorts of dangers and risks of unwanted damage.


When you’ve knocked out your entire kitchen, you’ll have the opportunity to establish the framing for your dream kitchen. You might choose to move walls, install kitchen islands, or even bump out an exterior wall.

Plumbing and Electrical

If you’re moving plumbing fixtures, then you’ll need to route the plumbing carefully. As you plan out your water fixtures and lines, you’ll need to work with a licensed contractor. It’s always best to work with a contractor who understands which permits you will need from the city or county for your region.

Electrical work is also necessary. The kitchen is a particularly troublesome place for managing renovations and remodeling because of the combination of power and water. Electricity must be done correctly as many of your new appliances will require it.


There are near-endless permits that could be requested, and it’s always imperative to have an inspection. A professional inspection will require an appointment and a small fee. However, it will ensure that either you or your contractor’s team has followed all the applicable building codes.

Finishing Installation

Finishing often calls for securing cabinetry into place, installing appliances, and putting down the flooring. These are often done last because of the different bases that cabinets have and how the homeowner wants to fit the flooring to the cabinets.

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Remodeling A Half Bathroom

Are you looking for ideas and insight into remodeling? Usually, homeowners look to remodel areas of their homes that seem underperforming. If your half bath isn’t up to snuff or seems like it has a lot of missed opportunity, then it’s time to consider breathing a new life into it.

Consider Who Will Use The Bathroom

This is where everyone should start when planning any type of remodeling. It’s imperative that you plan around who will use the room the most. So, will it be you, your spouse, overnight guests, children, or maybe occasional day guests?

Deciding who will use the room most can help you start to plan out storage and even layout options. For example, if you know that overnight guests with children will be using the room, then you might want to build in storage for a step-stool and additional toiletries. Alternatively, if only occasional day guests will use it, you might choose for a more open feel with floating sink vanity and lively plants.

Think About Long-Term Use Options

Many homeowners neglect aspects of long-term use. They choose designs and planning that benefit them at the moment and end up having to remodel again years down the road. The two most common examples of this include not planning accordingly for aging or having children.

Although this is a half-bath and not a full bath where you might consider walk-in showers for the elderly, there are still things to consider. We mentioned earlier that floating sinks would be great for occasional day guests but likely not guests with children. Children are likely to hang on these sinks or maybe curious about underneath the fixture.

Long-term use is vital in planning your remodel process. The planning part should be the most time-consuming portion of planning a half bathroom remodel.

Explore Other Uses for the Room

If you’re still at a loss for an idea, then look at how you can get the most usefulness from the room. You can opt for a powder room with a beautiful vanity or choose to use the room more for storage.

The planning is the bulk of the work for you, and then a contractor can come in and begin revitalizing your half bathroom.

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Best Tile For Kitchen Floors

Choosing the right tile for your kitchen feels like a long-term commitment, and it is. Without a doubt, most homeowners want to make the right choice the first time. But it’s overwhelming. There are so many color options and different types of tiles that it seems impossible to make the best possible choice without spending years exploring tile options.


Characteristics of Tile Flooring

Not all tile flooring is made equal. In fact, with these characteristics and standard use expectations of a kitchen, there are only three really good material options for kitchen tile. Here we’ll quickly review each characteristic so you can set your expectations for your kitchen.

  1. Hardness – kitchen tile should be hard so it can resist scratches and dents.
  2. Moisture-resistance – spills are common in kitchens. It’s best to choose a non-porous tile.
  3. Slip-resistance – safety is always a chief concern. Ensure that your kitchen is a slip-resistance as possible.
  4. Maintenance – expect low maintenance.
  5. Installation – always bring in a professional because tile installation is demanding and is not forgiving in the event of mistakes.
  6. Budget – set your budget knowing that with the wide variety, you can certainly find something wonderful in your price range.

Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic is a type of porcelain, and they have many of the same benefits, although they are technically different types of tile.

Porcelain and ceramic both offer non-porous surfaces, are extremely hard and stain-resistant. The downside is that when the tile is glazed, it loses a fair amount of slip resistance. Unglazed options offer the same durability with greater slip-resistance, but for some people, unglazed is not always visually preferred.


Stone Tile

Stone offers a luxury look with many options. Choosing granite or slate will ensure a non-porous surface, and they are generally slip-resistance. Unfortunately, stone tile requires more care than porcelain or ceramic options.

The owner must be sure to seal and regularly reseal the floor. Then there’s a concern when cleaning that stone floors can’t take on much water, so it’s important to only damp mop or steam mop.

Ultimately these three types of tile are the best options for most homeowners installing tile in their kitchen—Speak with a professional tile contractor to learn more about the best tile options that fit your needs.