Remodeling A Half Bathroom

Are you looking for ideas and insight into remodeling? Usually, homeowners look to remodel areas of their homes that seem underperforming. If your half bath isn’t up to snuff or seems like it has a lot of missed opportunity, then it’s time to consider breathing a new life into it.

Consider Who Will Use The Bathroom

This is where everyone should start when planning any type of remodeling. It’s imperative that you plan around who will use the room the most. So, will it be you, your spouse, overnight guests, children, or maybe occasional day guests?

Deciding who will use the room most can help you start to plan out storage and even layout options. For example, if you know that overnight guests with children will be using the room, then you might want to build in storage for a step-stool and additional toiletries. Alternatively, if only occasional day guests will use it, you might choose for a more open feel with floating sink vanity and lively plants.

Think About Long-Term Use Options

Many homeowners neglect aspects of long-term use. They choose designs and planning that benefit them at the moment and end up having to remodel again years down the road. The two most common examples of this include not planning accordingly for aging or having children.

Although this is a half-bath and not a full bath where you might consider walk-in showers for the elderly, there are still things to consider. We mentioned earlier that floating sinks would be great for occasional day guests but likely not guests with children. Children are likely to hang on these sinks or maybe curious about underneath the fixture.

Long-term use is vital in planning your remodel process. The planning part should be the most time-consuming portion of planning a half bathroom remodel.

Explore Other Uses for the Room

If you’re still at a loss for an idea, then look at how you can get the most usefulness from the room. You can opt for a powder room with a beautiful vanity or choose to use the room more for storage.

The planning is the bulk of the work for you, and then a contractor can come in and begin revitalizing your half bathroom.

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