Current Bathroom Style Options

Everyone is ready to get moving on the next trend. Some of these trends are extremely new, while others are reappearing after decades of being dormant. We foresee both varieties sticking around for quite a while because, in true 2021 fashion, it’s not just about looks but comfort and utility too. After a year of being stuck at home, we’ve all learned what we really want from our bathrooms.

Quartz in the Bathroom

Countertops and other installments, quartz is making quite the splash. True quartz is extremely scratch and stain-resistant, and it’s super easy to clean. That means that your bathroom will be easier to maintain and with less worry about keeping your counters in good condition. It also comes in a variety of colors with a slight opalescent quality to it.

Float Away with a Vanity

A vanity is nice, but one that sits off the ground, with a lot of storage, and looks amazing, that’s a home run. Floating vanities often have storage compartments in contrast to the recent trend of floating sinks. You can also set the vanity to cover any plumbing, so there are no exposed pipes.

Stone Tiled Walls

We have seen this trend before, but it’s been a long time. Stone tile walls offer the same non-porous element of ceramic tile, but it brings in more of a natural feel. Inside showers, around bathtubs, or running up to your mirror, a stone tiled wall will stand apart from most bathrooms you’ve seen over the last few decades.

Stone tiles, specifically large tiles, are a big step away from mosaic tiles and subway tiles. Instead, the bigger tiles offer more of a luxury feel with a minimalist undertone.  

Soaking Tubs

Everyone in 2020 needed a soaking tub, so it’s no surprise that in the rise of self-care and an increased focus on well-being, we’re revisiting the need for a good soak. Are you looking for ways to create a spa feeling at home? The soaking tub is the way to go.

It is possible to still have a showerhead, so you don’t have to give up the complete shower-tub combo.

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