Luxury Features For Bathrooms

Luxury bathrooms really stand out, and it’s no small matter. These rooms may include multiple rooms, saunas, private water closets, tub rooms, and more. When it comes to the bathroom, there really is no cap on luxury. You can bring in luxury through small details such as crystal adornments or go big. It is all up to you!

Tub Room

A freestanding tub isn’t really enough. A tub room, however, is a great extension of the bathroom that allows you a more spa-like experience. Imagine a bay window with sheer linen and tall pillars between the windows as the backdrop to a beautiful tub for two.

When ordering your tub for your tub room, you can use custom ordering to ensure that you get just the right size, color, and material. Do you want a soaking tub? A tub with jets? A copper tub? We are far beyond the days where choices were limited.


Sitting in a tub, or even better, a sauna room while watching a fire crackle sounds like heaven. It’s possible to use it as a creative implement also with a cast stone or wall-mounted fireplace. These are best near drop-in tubs or free-standing tubs where you can completely isolate yourself in relaxation. That’s the kind of isolation we all need every now and then.

Heated Flooring

We don’t need to say more, but we will. Heated flooring is the go-to luxury installment for flooring. Heated floors can still be nearly any flooring material you could desire, but instead of stepping onto cold tile or marble, it’s the perfect temperature.

These electric radiant heat systems are meant to go under nearly any type of stone or tile floor. You can order mats for specific areas or heat the entire floor. That

Lounging Space

Even those who indulge in luxury items enjoy sitting around in a towel, slowly drying off and relaxing. A lounge space is a great way to enjoy a little more time in the room after a great soak. Consider adding in a lounge chair or small couch, TV, and sound system. Watch your favorite show while you take in the relaxing after-effects of a nice bath or refreshing shower.

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