Steps For Remodeling A Kitchen From Scratch

Starting a complete kitchen remodel is a startling process. At first, it seems easy making plans or dreaming of your ideal kitchen. But where do you even start? Well, we are here with guidance on where to start and how to move forward from one step to another until you have a complete and stunning new kitchen.

Demolition and Tear Out

This step is perhaps the most fun part. The planning is nice, but if you’re doing the demolition and tear out yourself, you’ll experience the thrill of dismantling cabinets. Many people who are using a contractor will have professionals managing the demo, which often means a cleaner process.

If you begin the demo yourself, be sure to disconnect the water and power. There are all sorts of dangers and risks of unwanted damage.


When you’ve knocked out your entire kitchen, you’ll have the opportunity to establish the framing for your dream kitchen. You might choose to move walls, install kitchen islands, or even bump out an exterior wall.

Plumbing and Electrical

If you’re moving plumbing fixtures, then you’ll need to route the plumbing carefully. As you plan out your water fixtures and lines, you’ll need to work with a licensed contractor. It’s always best to work with a contractor who understands which permits you will need from the city or county for your region.

Electrical work is also necessary. The kitchen is a particularly troublesome place for managing renovations and remodeling because of the combination of power and water. Electricity must be done correctly as many of your new appliances will require it.


There are near-endless permits that could be requested, and it’s always imperative to have an inspection. A professional inspection will require an appointment and a small fee. However, it will ensure that either you or your contractor’s team has followed all the applicable building codes.

Finishing Installation

Finishing often calls for securing cabinetry into place, installing appliances, and putting down the flooring. These are often done last because of the different bases that cabinets have and how the homeowner wants to fit the flooring to the cabinets.

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